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Workshop on "How Ted Talks can help you communicate powerfully in English!"

       Today, English is the medium through which people collaborate together to solve problems and create solutions. To be able to contribute, young people today need to be able to communicate original ideas convincingly. TED Talks are a perfect model of powerful communication of “Ideas worth Spreading”. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the secret ingredients of a perfect TED Talk, and how these can be transferred to the classroom to inspire learners to communicate powerfully in English in academic, social and workplace settings.

       Regarding the important values of TED Talks, The Creative Language Center held the workshop How TED Talks can help you Communicate Powerfully in English!”, presented by Mr. Paul Grainger, who has been involved in ELT for over 23 years as a teacher, self-access coordinator, trainer, course writer and IELTS examiner; on November 24th, 2017.