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Creative English Hub

English Chatbox takes place from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at E Hall every Friday. The aims and objectives of the chatbox is to create an English speaking environment for lecturers and staff in the campus. The topics are practical and related to daily life such as travelling, hobby, jobs, sharing your difficulties learning English. There is a CLC teachers on duty to have a talk with you so as to help you to speak out and correct your English as well.

English Hub operates like a small workshop of sharing English language in different topics. The Hub takes place twice a month in average. In the hub, participants will not only practice English but also learn some skills and knowledge that will help you more in your career. The topics are related to linguistic , business skills and sharing experience to help you in your English learning such as International Phonetics Alphabet, Improve Listening/ Speaking skills, methods to learn vocabulary, business email, or English for presentation...