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Public speaking on "Documenting our relationship with nature"

The Creative Language Center held the public speaking on "Documenting our Relationship with Nature”, presented by Ms.Molly Ferrill. The public speaking takes place on December 03rd, 2017 in Hall F – Floor 10, Building F, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU).

In the modern society in which we live, people often find themselves disconnected from nature. The talk aimed to use photography and film to share the beauty of the natural environment and all the things that these natural places have to offer with the rest of the world. This talk explored the ways that people relate to nature today, and focused on different projects that portray people's relationship with nature as well as the threats to its preservation. This included park rangers and their work to protect biodiversity in Thailand, people's unique relationship with elephants in Myanmar, an overfishing crisis in a traditional fishing town in Myanmar, and wildlife trafficking issues across Asia, among other stories from around the world.

The public speaking has analyzed the relationship between human and nature through artistic angles. Besides, the lecturers have been provided with real documentation and artistic photographs which they could use to draw learners’ and readers’ attention in their teaching.