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The English speech competition final in 2019 took place in the evening on April 3rd, 2019, at Hall 6B Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). The 8 most excellent teams of Table 1 and 2 participated in full of excitement and joy.

The 2019 English Speech Competition, organized by TDT Creative Language Center (TDT-CLC), is one of TDTU's academic activities to encourage learning, improve foreign language ability, and help students to be confident to show their abilities and personal perspectives in English, and independently use this language in their study and future job.

In the finale, the elite faces were confident and brave to show their ability to speak English fluently, persuading the judges with solid arguments and scientific evidences. Most of the judges were speakers of English as the first language. They gave a lot of compliments to all candidates, especially their teamwork skills, creativity, problem solving skills and communication skills. These are also the necessary skills that students need to be equipped to succeed and adapt to changes in the 21st century.

Mr. Phil MacLaurin, Business Unit Manager for Premier Oil Vietnam (United Kingdom), a judge representing the business sector, who also had many volunteer programs to develop Vietnamese talents, stated that through the competition, he found that Vietnamese young people in general and TDTU students were very talented and he was very surprised at the English ability of TDTU students. He believes that the good environment at TDTU can fully nurture students to become national builders and future leaders.

The final results are as follows:

Table 1:

The First Prize: The Children of Cheesus Team from the Faculty Business Administration.

The Second Prize: The Aquamon Team from the Faculty Business Administration and Faculty Civil Engineering.

The Third Prize: The 154 Team from the Faculty Business Administration.

Table 2:

The First Prize: The Three Days Team, a combination of students from the Faculty Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Finance and banking.  

The Second Prize: The H.O.S. Team from the Faculty Business Administration.

The Third Prize: The Travelling Team from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity.


Some photos of the competition

Students are confident in giving the presentation


The judges are working
Audiences are asking and interacting with the candidates
Children of Cheesus Team wins the first prize in Table 1
The First and Second prize of Table 2 belong to the Three Days and H.O.S teams
Organizing Committee, Judges, Sponsors and candidates taking memorable photo