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Training Programs

TDT Creative Language Center offers a full range of training programs for both university students and corporations. Our aim is to be a leading advisory organization focused on professional skills and career development.

TDT - CLC Training Programs are as follows:

Corporate Training Programs

  1. Management and Leadership Development Program
  2. Career Development Program
  3. Professional Skills Training Program
  4. CLC Tailor-made Training

Teacher Training Programs

  1. Language for Teaching Course
  2. CLC Certificate
  3. English Teaching Assistant
  4. DELTA Module One

Student Training Programs

  1. College Preparations Program
  2. Study Abroad or Culture ExchangeProgram
  3. Professional Skills Training
  4. CLC Tailor-made Training

Training is essential because technology is developing continuously and at a fast rate. Systems and practices become outdated quickly due to new discoveries in technology, including technical, managerial and behavioural aspects. Organisations that do not develop mechanisms to catch up with and use the growing technology soon become stale. However, developing individuals in the organisation can contribute to the long-term growth of the organisation.

There are also some other reasons for which training becomes necessary. Explained below are various factors, giving rise to the need for training.

  • Employment of new and less experienced staff requires detailed instructions for effective performance on the job.
  • Employees are expected to work effectively with minimal supervision, cost, waste and spoilage, and produce quality goods and services.
  • Increasing use of fast changing techniques in production and other operations requires training of newer methods for the staffs.
  • Employees need refresher training to enable them to keep abreast of sophisticated, changing and new techniques, tools and equipment.
  • Training is necessary when employees move from one job to another because of transfer or promotion.