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Absence and Make-up class


Make-up classes and make-up tests for students at TDT CLC

  1. General information:
    • Participants:

-             Make-up classes: for students who study English at CLC and whose absence does not exceed 30% of the whole course.

-             Make-up tests: for students who study English at CLC and are absent from the progress test dates (Speaking and Writing tests).

  • Fees for make-up classes/tests:

-            Make-up classes: 1,100,000 VND/3 periods for IELTS classes; 850,000 VND/3 periods for A2, B1 and TOEIC classes.

-             Make-up tests: 300,000 VND/1 progress test (Speaking, Wring).

  • Registration:
  • Step 1:

Make-up classes:

Students submit the make-up class form which can be downloaded from (“For student” section -> Absence and Make-up class), the schedule and proof at Room E0012.

Make-up tests:

Students contact Room E0012 and provide information including Full name - Student ID - Group number - Request.

  • Step 2: Students pay fees at Room E0012.
  • Step 3: Students receive results via email within 7 days after the date of submission (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
  1. Notes:

-             In cases of force majeure, students do not have to pay the fee if there are suitable classes:

+ Funeral of relatives including parents or siblings;

+ Hospitalization due to serious illness;

+ Absence due to scheduling conflicts with other courses and exams organized by Ton Duc Thang University;

+ Local authorities summons.

-             If the make-up classes/tests have been arranged for students, but they do not attend, the fees will not be refunded.

-            The registration of make-up classes/tests must be done by the end of the course.


Link for students: