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Absence and Make-up class

In the scheme established TDT Creative Language Center was ratified by the Principal on 15/07/2011, in term 5 of Subsection 5.5 of the Ban Regulation has clearly pointed, one violation which leads students not to be eligible to contest their English ends regarding to the class standards is: “absence of more than 20% class time.”

20% class time (respectively 18 periods) takes a lot of time and knowledge, significant impacts on the learning process and students' exam results. However, in the learning process, a number of students out of school case still demand for make-up or/ and absence of more than 20%  class time but ask for considering being tested.

Thus, we informed you of the make-up application processing and review the conditions for English participation ends as standard modules as follows:



Considering for makeup


Absent due to subjective reasons include:

  1. Absent because of personal reasons: death anniversary, wedding, home visit, not follow/forget schedule, mild ill, no serious study plan.
  2. Unexpected changes of private tuition schedule or/and unexpected schedule of part-time job during class hours schedule, medical examination/follow-up examination with valid certificate of doctor…

Case A.1: Do not settle for make-up. Case A.2: Consider makeup applications depending on each specific case.


Absence because of the following objective reasons:

  1. Have a funeral (with a death certificate), be sick and need to visit a doctor (with a proper medical check-up form of a doctor)
  2. Be absent because of unexpected situations (with verification): traffic accidents on the way to school, flight delays, convening of local government.

 Schedule a suitable make up lesson (if available)


  1. Have serious illnesses and have to be hospitalized (with a hospital discharge form)
  2. Be absent due to a coincidence of study schedule, testing schedule, school projects or/ and late study-schedule arrangements

(with confirmation of Faculty/

Academic Affairs)



1. Late schedule students but having a TOEIC certificate (or equivalent) in accordance with scoring point frame of a current English unit of study under the provisions of the school to learn English.

Consider makeup (if appropriate class) like cases A and B.

Students must make up a missed class to gain enough necessary knowledge. Therefore, students need to submit a form before they are absent from the class. In case of sudden absence from class that students cannot turn in the form immediately, they can make a phone, email or ask their friend or family member to submit that form in order that the Center can schedule a suitable make-up class. If a make-up lesson is unavailable, the Center cannot deal with this matter.

If students have any further questions relating to make-up lessons and conditions of taking the final examination, please contact directly the TDT-CLC in the earliest time to be answered.

Guiding to solve the form applied from Term I, school year 2016-2017 onwards.

Link for students: