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Announcement of organizing English Eloquence Contest 2019 for students

     In order to help students to have the opportunity to confidently try, express their passions and voices, and develop the team work skills, The Center created an English Eloquence Contest as a playground for students of Ton Duc Thang University. The contest details are as follows:

  1. Contest content





The groups of candidates, applying for the contest, choose the topic according to the level of English they are studying:

Topics for Group 1: the levels are from English 1 to English 3.

General topic: Trend’s adaptors

Specific topic: You will record a video to show how you and other young people adapt to current trends/fads.

Instruction: Your presentation must include

  • Current trends/fads? (describe, show original sources)
  • How you and people around you react to these trends/fads?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of current trends/fads?

A short video (5 minutes limited) to show the trends/fads and how you and people around you adapt/react to trends/fads.

Topics for Group 2: the levels are from English 4 to English 6.

General topic: What’s next?

Specific topic: Survey about plans and aspiration of university students


Create a survey about plans after finishing college of young people at TDT University. Conduct the survey and prepare a presentation with the results of your survey. Find a research/survey/report showing university students’ plans and aspirations in different countries (it can be one university, country, or region.) Compare it with your results.

Your presentation must include:

  • Survey questions
  • Graphic presentation of the survey results

Comparison and conclusions.


Each group has maximum 3-4 students.

Levels that are allowed to cooperate:

+ English 1, 2,3 (candidates can be from the same or different class levels)

+ English 4,5,6 (candidates can be from the same or different class levels)

The representative of each group clicks this link for registration:

Time limitation for the submission for participation: 3-5 minute/video; 10 slides

The submission time for preliminary round: from the date of the announcement to 25/01/2018

- Requirements: The groups of candidates make video records and send to the Organization Committee via email address: before 25/01/2019

Requirement Files:

1.Powerpoint file

2.Video recording (for Group 1: make a video according to the topic; For Group 2: make a record of the topic presentation)

- How to submit:

 + File name: The full name of the leader_The level of English class_The Group name of the English

 + Send the file to email address:

 + Email title: Presentation Competition 2019 – Preliminary.

Submission duration: from the date of the announcement to16:00 pm of 25/01/2018


The 10 best groups will be chosen for the final round.




Round 1: The Organizing Committee send a topic to the finalists in the final round before 01/03/2019 to prepare for the presentation in Round 1 of the finale.


- Requirements: The groups prepare a presentation with the theme given by the organizers and send the presentation file before 13/03/2019.

A judge will raise 3 questions for each group. Each group has 1 minute to answer for each question.

- Date:  15/03/2018.


Round 2: Each group will receive topics and slides from the organizers immediately after the presentation of Round 1.

- Requirements: Each group selects at least 2 members to present the topic given by the organizers after the end of round 1.

Time limitation: 3 minutes/a presentation, presenting according to 3 slides made by the organizers.

Each group has 15 minutes for preparation before the presentation.

The judges will select the best team from each Group to be the champion of the competition for each level.

- Date: 15/03/2018

  1. Awards
  • 02 1st Prizes with the value VND 2.000.000 (1 1st Prize Group 1 and 1st Prize Group 2).
  • 02 2nd Prizes with the value VND 1.000.000 (1 2nd Prize Group 1 and 2nd  Prize Group 2).
  • 02 3rd Prizes with the value VND 500.000 (1 3rd  Prize Group 1 and 3rd  Prize Group 2).
  • 02 Prizes for audience who has the correct prediction for the 1st Prizes and the number of people who have the same prediction: scholarship for learning foreign languages at TDT CLC
  • 01 Prize for the best and most dedicated cheering team at the finale night: Gifts.

In addition, the winners will also receive a scholarship to study English, certificates from sponsors and a certificate of achievement in the contest from the Center.

For more information, please contact CLC, room E0012,, phone number (028) 3775 5064