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CLC Event | Funky Friday: Writing to Succeed

On 30th June, TDT Creative Language Center hosted an exciting event called "Writing to Succeed" as part of their Funky Friday series. The event took place from 9:45 to 11:30 and featured the participation of students and special guests, including Dr. John R. Baker and Ms. Lam Thao.

The primary objective of the event was to provide students with valuable insights, tips, and strategies to enhance their writing skills. To kickstart the event, a warm-up game was organized, fostering a lively and engaging atmosphere among the attendees. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to enjoy a captivating performance by Ms. Cam Linh, a lecturer at TDT CLC.

Following the warm-up, the students eagerly participated in discussions with the guest speakers, Dr. John R. Baker and Ms. Lam Thao. Both speakers shared their expertise and experiences, offering valuable advice on improving writing skills. The students actively engaged in the discussions, seeking guidance and practical tips to enhance their writing abilities.

One of the highlights of the event was Ms. Lam Thao's insightful presentation on Task 1: How to Describe Maps in the IELTS Test. Her expertise in this area provided students with valuable strategies and techniques to approach this particular writing task successfully. Ms. Lam Thao guided the students through the process of analyzing and describing maps effectively, emphasizing the key details and language to use when discussing geographical information. Her presentation was highly informative and equipped the students with essential skills to excel in this aspect of the IELTS Writing Test.

Throughout the event, the collaboration between TDT CLC lecturers, guest speakers, and students created a vibrant and supportive learning environment. The participants had a wonderful time, exchanging ideas and learning from each other's experiences. The event concluded with high enthusiasm, as everyone looked forward to future Funky Friday events.

"Writing to Succeed" at Funky Friday proved to be an enriching and productive event, offering students an opportunity to gain valuable insights into improving their writing skills, with a specific focus on Task 1: How to Describe Maps. The engaging activities, insightful discussions, and expert presentations left attendees feeling motivated and excited to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their writing endeavors.

Some photos from the meeting: