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The competition "Express your gratitude"

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is a festival of education to honor those who work in the field. This day is an opportunity for different generations of students to express their gratitude to teachers.

On the occasion of Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20th, TDT CLC has launched the competition "Express your gratitude". The specific information is as follows:

  1. Time and location:
    - Submission: Oct 30th – Nov 15th, 2021

- Online voting: Nov 16th – Nov 18th, 2021

- Announce the results and award prize: Nov 19th, 2021

- Location: Competition will be held on the Fanpage of the Creative Language Center (

  1. How to register

- Target candidate: All Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) students who want to register to the competition.

- How to register: Candidates participate in the competition by making short clips showing beautiful images, expressing the students' feelings for the departments, staff, and lecturers in teaching activities and working moments for the celebration of Vietnamese Teachers' Day (November 20th).

- How to submit: Candidates upload the work to google drive and send an email with a description of the content to Mr. Cuong (email:

+ Subject: Bài dự thi “Thay lời tri ân”

+ Content your email: Full name + Student ID + link of your uploaded clip on google drive (make sure Mr.Cuong can download your work).

  1. Regulations on entries

  Duration: from 2 to 3 minutes.

  Content:  100% in English

  The content in clips must include individuals, people and photos; captions, subtitles and texts in clips must be in English.

 The entries expressing the candidate's subjective opinions on issues related to race, religion, customs and culture, etc. must be realistic, truthful, do not violate ethical standards as well as Vietnamese legislation, and must be for the purpose of the competition.

 The candidate is solely responsible for the copyright of their entries (copyright of music, materials and content used in the video clips, the authenticity of the information shown in the clip and information sent to the Organizer as well). The Organizer is not responsible for copyright-related disputes.

  1. Scoring method:




Score structure


Voting online:
Organizers will upload your product on Fanpage.
Candidate will ask for help your friends, family to interact your product.
- Like/ Love/ Care/ Wow: 1 point
- Comment with more than five words: 2 points
- Share to public: 3 points

Total interact



Quality, content.
(The Organizer will choose top five most-voting clips)

Evaluation of Organizers


5. Awards

- 1st prize: 500.000VND

- 2nd prize: 300.000VND

- 3rd prize: 200.000VND

Furthermore: The most favorite clip: 500.000VND (base on the voting online)

Note: Candidate can get two awards (1st/2nd/3rd prize and the most favorite clip).

All Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) students who join in the competition will be noted for diligent score in semester 1 2021-2022.