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Creative English Hub

English Chatbox takes place from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at E Hall every Friday. The aims and objectives of the chatbox are to create an English-speaking environment for lecturers and staff in the campus. The topics are practical and related to daily life such as travelling, hobbies, jobs, difficulties in learning English. There is a CLC teacher on duty to have a talk with you so as to help you to speak out and improve your English as well.

No Topics Date
1 Helpful sources for learning English on the internet 14/8/2018
2 Pronunciation: How to read English phonetic symbols to improve speaking and listening skills 30/8/2018
3 Fluency Reading Comprehension skills: How to read fast get more 12/9/2018
4 Business English: Structures to write a business email 24/9/2018
5 Listening: Test taking listening tips and skills 9/10/2018
6 Buildup of speaking skills in an online learning community 24/10/2018
7 Vocabulary: Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Archives 8/11/2018
8 Speaking: Sentence Stress and Rhythm 23/11/2018
9 Types of Listening Skills With Examples 12/12/2018

English Hub operates like a small workshop of sharing the English language in different topics. The Hub takes place twice a month on average. In the hub, participants will not only practice English but also learn some skills and knowledge that will help you more in your career. The topics are related to linguistics, business skills and sharing experience to help you in your English learning such as International Phonetic Alphabet, English Listening/ Speaking Tips, Strategies to learn vocabulary, Business email, or English for presentation, etc.

No Topics Date
1 Jobs 10/08/2018
2 Hobby 17/08/2018
3 Past things 24/08/2018
4 Future Plan 31/08/2018
5 Travelling 07/09/2018
6 Your difficulties learning English 14/09/2018
7 Correcting your pronunciation 21/09/2018
8 Money 28/09/2018
9 Health 05/10/2018
10 Vacation Destinations 12/10/2018
11 Problems in your life 19/10/2018
12 Happy time 26/10/2018
13 Men vs Women 02/11/2018
14 Holidays 09/11/2018
15 Vietnamese Culture 16/11/2018
16 Friends 23/11/2018
17 Tradition and Clothing 30/11/2018
18 Foods and Beverages 07/12/2018
19 Exercise and Sports 14/12/2018
20 Learning English 21/12/2018
21 Vietnamese Holidays (Tet, Mid-Autumn) 28/12/2018