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English Zone in August 2023 | Have fun with English

Hello guys,

Let's dive into the world of English and have a great time together at the English Zone!

You are cordially invited to the English Zone in August 2023. Here, every moment is an opportunity for fun and growth. We embrace the joy of learning, exploring, and having a blast with the English language.

Let's play some word games that will sharpen your vocabulary, grammar skills and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Feel free to express yourself, ask questions, and share your thoughts without hesitation.

So, put on your language-learning hat, bring your passion and join us in the English Zone, where language learning is a joyful and exciting journey!

We can't wait to welcome you with open arms.


Time: Tue & Thu, Shift 2 (9:45 -11:15 am) & Shift 4 (3:45- 5:15 pm)

Venue: Hall 4AC

Benefit: All attended participants in the event will get qualified for extracurricular points according to the University's regulations, and many gifts from TDT CLC.

Link for registration: