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Full time English Teachers Description

TDT Creative Language Center, part of Ton Duc Thang University is looking for full time teachers for our university based in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Ca Mau. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy new experience of the area as well as live and work.

Job requirements:
-        First and foremost, you must love to work with young adults and enjoy teaching ESL.
-        Secondly, you must be a positive, out-going, self-aware, reflective person who likes to teach and work in a culturally diverse setting, and is open to learning and sharing knowledge.
-        Thirdly, you must be ICT literate - know how to use a computer, use the Internet to find teaching resources, use office suite software, check and respond to email, upload/download resources, etc.
-        All applicants must have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and English language teaching certification (CELTA, TESOL, TEFL). Master’s degree is prior.
-        Previous teaching experience is preferred; however, newly ESL certified teachers with a degree are more than welcome to apply.

Benefits of teaching:
Remuneration Package

Negotiable; Depending on teacher’s teaching experience and professional qualification, the pay rate will be differed.

Full-time Contract
Initial contract will be for a year;
All new teachers are required to attend orientation and induction one week prior to the start of academic year.

Paid holidays
1 week for TET Lunar New Year;
All statutory national holidays (~5 days);
Note: summer vacation is non-paid leave (however summer classes are optional if you want to work);

Accommodation / Housing Allowance
Depending on the availability of the guest house, teachers will be supported to stay at the guest house with a very supportive fee.

Visas, Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card
Once the teacher has provided all requisite documentation for the work permit application - a university degree and criminal background report from home country that has been authenticated / legalized by the Vietnamese Consulate in their home country as well as an original ESL teaching certificate (CELTA, TEFL, TESOL)...
The school will pay for all visa extensions and related expenses until the work permit is issued;
The school will pay the fees for the application and issuance of teacher's work permits and renewals;
Upon issuance of teacher work permit, the school will pay for and process the temporary residence card, which will negate the need for a visa;

The school will establish a bank account for the teacher and deposit the monthly salary into this account by the 5th of every month;

Work Details:
Teachers register working schedule monthly with 32 hours/week from Monday to Saturday/Sunday depending on teacher’s registration.
Average teaching time (contact hours) is approximately 22 hours per week, non-instructional time is used to prepare for lessons, staff meetings and extra-curricular activities;
Weekly staff meetings for teacher collaboration (horizontal and vertical articulation);
Please note, weekly lesson plans, marking for all classes are required;
Other administration and service work such as correcting the translated documents, supporting staff in English.


Contact Details:

Mr. Trinh Thai Van Phuc - Vice Director

TDT Creative Language Center

E0012, Building E - Ton Duc Thang University

19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC

Tel: (028) 3775 5064

Email: or