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TDT Creative Language Center(TDT CLC) has been established with the goal of creating a modern educational environment, bringing the differences and effectiveness of training programs and the services of non-traditional international education to all students, teachers, and corporates who desire to get to the best results in study and career.


TDT CLC offers a wide array of classes in other foreign languages at different levels and for various purposes of study. These include foreign language classes in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.We offer a full range of courses for both children and adults. The courses have been designed to develop the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Throughout the programs, students will learn cultural information needed for the successful application of language. TDT CLC language classes are small and offer many opportunities for interaction with the teacher and other students in class. Language learning is promoted through a variety of classroom activities and projects. Students have the opportunity to meet and study with teachers from diverse countries and cultures, which can be useful to them after they graduate and become employed.

Here are the strengths of the course:

  • Placement test to ensure a place at the right level

  • Regular progress checks

  • Multi-national teachers

  • Daily homework and online learning

  • Updated materials and well-equipped classrooms

  • Regular tutorials with class teacher to give study advice

  • Use of the study cente and club after lessons