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Organizing the "A 21st Century Approach to Test Preparation" workshop

“From a political and economic perspective, the purpose of K-12 and higher education is to prepare students for jobs in the new age, for which they will need “21st Century Skills” such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and working in teams. However, standardized testing systems in many countries struggle to explicitly recognize these crucial skills, and instead prioritize academic and content knowledge. The good news is that recent global developments in both curricula and testing have witnessed a shift to embrace the realities of the modern world.”

On Wednesday morning, August 14, 2019 TDT Creative Language Center of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) held Workshop “A 21st Century Approach to Test Preparation” in order to help teachers understand how to effectively balance and implement the short-term goal of preparing students for academic success offering dynamic strategies to achieve the longer-term goal of a career success. The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Paul Grainger, an expert educator; serving as a teacher, self-access learning coordinator, examiner, course writer, and trainer of Nation Geographic Learning.


During the Workshop, teachers raised a lot of questions and discussed new approaches to Test Preparation such as assessing critical thinking, presentation and debate. A lot of techniques were contributed and shared with all participants in order to provide a perspective for teaching methodology for 21st Century Skills.

Some photos of the Workshop

Mr. Paul Grainger presenting new methodology and approaches

Teachers doing the activities
The Speaker monitoring and helping teachers
A lot of enjoyment during the Workshop