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English Courses


TDT Creative Language Center offers English courses from very basic to advanced. Classes expose students to English in real-life situations through individual and group activities.We offer a range of English courses to suit a variety of study needs - academic, general English, pronunciation or communication. Please take a look below and find a course suitable to your needs.


General English Program


Business English and ESP Courses



English is with no doubt the official language of business world. If you are planning to work in finance, logistics or accounting you will realize soon that general English is essential, but expanding your language knowledge in a specific sector is a key to success. If you have strong English foundations, it is time for you to participate in one of our English for Specific Purposes courses at TDT Creative Language Center. 


Other Languages
Popularity of other Asian languages provoked us to open 3 new courses: Korean, Japanese and Chinese. We offer variety of levels with native and Vietnamese teachers.
Training Programs

TDT Creative Language Center offers a full range of training programs for both university students and corporations. Our aim is to be a leading advisory organization focused on professional skills and career development.

TDT - CLC Training Programs are as follows:

Corporate Training Programs

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