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Teachers’ Day Contest 2023

Teachers’ Day is just around the corner, and it's our chance to honor and appreciate our remarkable teachers who guide and inspire us every day. So, let's kick off the festivities and make this countdown memorable! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Teachers’ Day Contest held by Creative Language Center.

Contest Details:

Content: Write about a memorable moment with one of your beloved teachers at TDT Creative Language Center and a short message (no more than 100 words) in English to express your gratitude and admiration for him/ her.

Round 1- Submission: upload your messages via the submission link: from the announcement date to 11:00 pm on 16/11/2023.

Round 2- Voting:

5 best messages will be chosen and posted on the CLC Fanpage for online voting: from 17/11/2023 to 5:pm on 20/11/2023.

Scoring Convention:

+ A Like/ Love/ Care/ Wow = 1 point

+ A comment with more than five words = 2 points

+ Share to the public = 3 points

Prizes: Top 5 messages with the highest voting number will be awarded at the Funky Friday event on 24/11/2023

Let's Spread the Word! Tag your friends, share this announcement, and let's make sure our teachers feel the love and appreciation they deserve!

Stay tuned for more details coming your way soon!

For more information, contact