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Teachers' meeting for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021

On the morning of January 21, 2021, Creative Language Center of Ton Duc Thang University organized the annual teachers’ meeting for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021. It is an activity in which we inform all lecturers about the results of the previous semester and share new information and updates concerning the new semester.

The meeting began with a warm welcome from Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Sy, the Center manager, and Dr. Nguyen Huu Cuong, Deputy Head of the Department of Testing and Quality Assurance. On behalf of the University, Dr. Cuong briefly introduced the orientation of the University for the Center, which was the plan for taking accreditation from NEAS Australia. NEAS is a Quality Assurance in Education and Training organization that provides a number of services that support the English Language Teaching (ELT) Community. This is one of the Center’s goals to align with the five-year-plan of the University for international integration and quality assurance.

During the meeting, the Center provided some necessary information about the new updates for each program such as the adjustment for the final tests of some levels and exam preparation course. The Center also introduced Reflective Reading, a program via the Inspire Library system, for the students of the Inspire program at IELTS levels to practice their reading skills.

With the support of the teachers and staff, CLC hopes to achieve its goals set in line with Ton Duc Thang University for the rest of the year.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Sy delivering his welcome speech


Dr. Nguyen Huu Cuong introducing the plan for NEAS accreditation

Ms. Sultan Ramonal Hana Marie informing the updates

All teachers taking group photo