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Workshop on "TED Talks in Keynote Provide the Inspiration for Communication"

In the era of competitive job market, the increasing demand for skilled workforce with job-related competencies has been requiring educators to respond by instructing and preparing students for the 21st century skills. As the abilities of thinking critically, collaborating closely with each other, demonstrating creativity, and communicating effectively cannot be ignored; there is a need to implement these indispensable skills into the teaching and learning English. Therefore, The Creative Language Center held the workshop "TED Talks in Keynote Provide the Inspiration for Communication", presented by Ms. Monique Nicastro, on June 28th, 2018.
During the workshop, the participants have been introduced with many new methods, from basic to advanced, for implementing a lesson using TED Talks such as teaching the students to be passionate to delivering a jaw-dropping moment. The speaker successfully demonstrated that authentic content such as TED Talks if used properly can be efficient and interesting for students.
The Q&A session was really exciting with many questions concerning and sharing experience for training the students to be autonomous in acquiring knowledge and skills for the adaptation purpose for future job market.


Ms. Monique Nicastro giving her presentation


All participants taking a memorable photo